Country Hydrogen Presentations – WHEC2022 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

In this specialized session, representatives from different countries will have the opportunity to present the ongoing activities in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in their countries.

Each speaker will have 15 minutes for presentation, including the Q&A. The program of this specialized session will soon be announced. If you are interested in delivering such a talk, please contact us at

Confirmed Speakers (Listed alphabetically according to country names):

  Name of the Presenter Institute / Organization Position Country Title of Presentation
Zong Qiang Mao Tsinghua University Professor China Current situation of Hydrogen energy in China
Frano Barbir Croatian Hydrogen Association President Croatia Hydrogen Activities in Croatia
Konstantin Brosch German Energy Agency Expert for hydrogen and synthetic energy carriers Germany The German National Hydrogen Strategy: The Import Gap and how to close it
Stefan Matz Hamburg Invest Director International Investments Germany Green Hydrogen Hub Hamburg – Establishing a Hydrogen Economy in Northern Germany
Alok Sharma Centre for High Technology Executive Director India Hydrogen Interventions in Oil and Gas Sector in India
Eniya Listiani Dewi National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Research Professor BRIN/President of Indonesian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy (IFHE) Indonesia Current Hydrogen Actions Towards Net Zero Emission in Indonesia
Ko Sakata   (1) The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)
(2) Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan (HESS)
(1) Senior Fellow at IAE
(2) President of HESS
Japan Significance of Introduction of Large Amount of Hydrogen to Japan
Dr. Robin J. White Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology Technology Innovation Manager | H2 & CO2 Luxembourg Materials RDI for the Hydrogen Economy in Luxembourg
Roel van de Pas NWBA – Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Board Member Netherlands H2olland – An Introduction to the Dutch Hydrogen Economy
Dr. Syed Zafar Ilyas Pakistan Hydrogen Society President Pakistan Hydrogen Energy Progress in Pakistan
Javier Brey Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) Chairman Spain Current status of Hydrogen Economy deployment in Spain
Ekain Fernandez TECNALIA Head of Hydrogen Technologies Spain H24NEWAGE – Development of advanced technologies for hydrogen production, storage and distribution, and technology transfer to Industry for the new era of hydrogen in Spain
Dr. Guadalupe Ramos Sánchez Mexican Hydrogen Society  President Mexico 23 years of Hydrogen Research in Mexico
Dr. İnci Eroğlu Turkish Hydrogen Technologies Association Vice-President Turkey Turkey’s Role in the Hydrogen Age