FAQ – WHEC2022 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference


  • Who can attend WHEC2020?
    • Academicians, Ph.D. and MSc Students, researchers, scientists, policymakers, professionals and anyone who is interested.
  • Can the abstracts be submitted/presented in languages other than English?
    • No. The official language of the event is English. Therefore, all abstracts must be written in English, and all presentations must be also done in English. There will not be simultaneous translation either.
  • What will the conference program cover?
    • WHEC2020 will include both inspiring technical programs as well as enjoyable social events. The technical part of the WHEC2020 will include sessions where plenary, keynote, invited and general speakers will deliver talks on their work and research in hydrogen energy. There will also be numerous poster sessions where the poster presenters will have an opportunity to directly discuss their research outcomes with the conference participants. The social events will include a welcome reception, a gala dinner, and an organized tour of historical places. The conference will also include many other opportunities to socialize and connect with participants. In addition, WHEC2020 will house two successfully running events, the ‘11th International Conference on Hydrogen Production (ICH2P-2020)’ and the ‘5th International Hydrogen Technologies Congress (IHTEC-2020)’ to make 2020 the year of hydrogen energy.


  • How does the submission process work for WHEC2020?
    • You should prepare and submit an extended abstract.  Please visit the Submissions page for the step-by-step process for the submissions. The deadline for extended abstract is given on the homepage.
  • Will my extended abstracts go through a review process?
    • Yes. It will go through a quick review process. Once a decision is made on your extended-abstract, you will see it immediately under “Status”. You will also receive an email from the WHEC Secretariat regarding this decision.
    • If you are asked to revise your extended-abstract, you will see the status as “Revision”. You can see the reviewer comments under “View Reviews”. In that case, you should only upload a clean and unmarked file clicking “Upload Revision” within 2 weeks of your decision email. Please do not include any response sheets.
    • Once the reviewers are satisfied with your submission, you will see the status as “Accept”. In that case, you can proceed with registration.
  • What is the limit for the number of pages?
    • The abstract must be up to 3 pages including any tables and figures.
  • How many paper(s) can be submitted and presented by an author?
    • Each registered author could submit and present 2 papers at most. If your co-author(s) also register and attend the event for presenting other paper(s), then you could co-author more than 2 papers (but still individually present 2 papers in oral or poster form).
  • Can I request the type of presentation for my submission?
    • Organizing committee members will decide on the type of the presentation as oral or poster for each submission. You may indicate request during the online submission process. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • When do I learn whether my paper is selected for submission in a special issue?
    • Right after the conference, we will work on the selection of the papers for special issues.


  • Once I register for WHEC2020, can I also attend the ICH2P-2020 and IHTEC-2020?
    • Yes, you can attend all conferences once you register for WHEC2020.
  • Will I get a receipt for my payments?
    • Once your payment process is successful, using the registration system, you can first click “My Orders” and then “Confirmation of Receipt” to print your confirmation of receipt. If you need an official receipt for reimbursement purposes, please contact Mr. Alen Demirel (alen.demirel@brosgroup.net) including any details related to the content of your receipt. He will prepare your invoice, which can be picked up from the registration desk during the conference. Alternatively, if you send her your address details, it can be prepared before the conference.
  • Can I purchase a day pass to the conference?
    • No, WHEC2020 does not offer day passes.
  • My wife/husband/child/etc. will accompany me. Can he/she attend the welcoming reception and gala dinner?
    • Yes definitely. The registration for accompanying person can be done during online registration.

During the conference

  • Will I get a certificate of attendance or presentation?
    • The session chair of your presentation will give you the certificate of presentation after your presentation. If you need a certificate of attendance, please contact the registration desk and we will print a certificate of attendance for you.
  • How should I bring my presentation file and who should I give it to?
    • The recommended file type to be used for presentations is PowerPoint or Portable Document Format (PDF). The presentation files should be brought in a USB disc. We also strongly recommend you to e-mail yourself as a backup. Speakers are requested to upload their presentation and report to the session chair 10-15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Can I send my poster to you for printing?
    • Posters should be printed and brought by each author to the conference.
  • What kind of social activities will there be during the conference?
    • In addition to welcoming reception and gala dinner, we plan to offer optional social tours within Istanbul. We will announce it on the conference website. 


  • What is the weather like in July in Istanbul?
    • Daytime temperature of Istanbul in July is 25 – 30 degrees Celcius. You can also check the average temperature of July 2020 from this link.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Turkey?
    • We suggest you check out here for information on visa requirements.
  • How can I get an official invitation letter?
    • If you need an official invitation letter for any reason, we provide it on request to the registered participants by e-mail.
  • How can I get to the conference hotel from Istanbul Airport?
  • Is there a parking fee to park my car at or nearby the conference hotel?
    • Free parking space is available at or around the conference hotel.
  • Could you recommend me some places to visit in or around Izmir?

Organizing Bodies