Noe van Hulst – WHEC2022 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference
Name Noe van Hulst
Affiliation IPHE Steering Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, the Netherlands
Contact information
+316 5005 4772

Presentation Title

The Emerging Global Clean Hydrogen Market


This presentation will cover the main drivers of the global momentum for clean hydrogen in recent years based on IPHE data and information. Why is clean hydrogen increasingly seen as playing a key role in the energy transition? Most important challenges for industry and policy makers will be also elaborated. The presentation will highlight the emerging global clean hydrogen market, with some countries and regions aspiring to become net exporters while others are set to become net importers. Finally, concrete examples of pilot project in the Netherlands and the European Union, highlighting the key policy challenges going forward, will be presented.


Current position: Hydrogen Envoy The Netherlands

Previous positions: Ambassador the Netherlands to OECD, Chairman of IEA Governing Board, Director European Energy Academy, Secretary-General IEF (Riyadh), Director Long-Term Co-operation & Policy Analysis IEA (Paris), Director-General Energy Ministry of Economic Affairs the Netherlands inter alia.

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