IHTEC-2020 – WHEC2022 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

The 5th International Hydrogen Technologies Congress (IHTEC-2020)

IHTEC-2020 will be under the umbrella of the WHEC-2020 this year. Thus, the time, location and committees are same with those of WHEC-2020. Once you register for WHEC-2020, you will also have access to IHTEC-2020. To submit an extended abstract, please click the button below. The abstract template and formatting instructions given for WHEC-2020 will be also used for IHTEC-2020.

The 5th International Hydrogen Technologies Congress (IHTEC-2020), which is a multi-disciplinary international conference, will provide an opportunity for researchers, scientists and engineers to present their recent advances and to discuss current problems, future needs and prospects in the area of Hydrogen Technologies. Organized by National Hydrogen Technologies Association, the goal of this congress is to bring together researchers from all countries, disciplines and applications of hydrogen technologies and to promote the exchange of new ideas and techniques in order to establish the scientific, industrial and social corporation, and to develop the sustainable coordination in the topics given below.

  • Ammonia
  • Conventional hydrogen technologies and applications
  • Desulphurization processes
  • Energy, exergy and economic analyses
  • Fuel cells
  • Green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen conversion technologies
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Hydrogen in smart grids
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Hydrogen management
  • Hydrogen safety
  • Hydrogen separation and purification
  • Hydrogen standards
  • Hydrogen storage and materials
  • Hydrogen strategies and policies
  • Hydrogen thermodynamics
  • Hydrogen transportation and distribution systems
  • Hydrogen vehicles
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Micro-process technologies
  • Nuclear hydrogen
  • Renewable hydrogen technologies and applications
  • Sectoral hydrogen applications
  • Sustainable hydrogen technologies
  • Syngas technologies
  • Synthetic fuels

Organizing Bodies