NHA – WHEC2020 – 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

National Hydrogen Association – Turkey (NHA)

National Hydrogen Association (NHA) works with the aim of providing scientific, industrial and social cooperation in the field of Hydrogen Technologies, to develop sustainable coordination and to carry out related activities. The association actively organizes scientific meetings, seminars, symposiums, workshops, and courses in the area of hydrogen. It also helps in organizing certificate programs in the area of hydrogen technologies. The association also cooperates with public institutions, non-governmental organizations, industrial organizations, universities and other organizations that carry out research and development activities towards achieving a common agenda of sustainable future. The association also provides financial, materials, and equipment aid to the needy organization, in order to enhance their capacity. The association actively organizes the National Congress of the Association every year in different parts of the Turkey. The association also actively grants scholarships and awards outstanding researchers in the area of hydrogen. 

Website: http://hidrojenteknolojileri.org/eng/